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30 Days Prior to Departure

Passport/Visa Office

Be sure to review your orders to ensure all steps have been accomplished.  Visit our passport page to get locations and contact information.

Fowarding Address or PO Boxes

If you still do not know where you are going to live, you may want to reach out to your sponsor or the post office at your new base, as there is usually a place where you can forward your mail.  You can also set up a P.O. Box and scedule your mail forwarding at the United States Postal Service.

Base or Public Library

Contact the Base or Public Library at least 30 days prior to departure.  This is very important, as you will soon start preparing for HHG pick-up and you don't want the books, videos, magizines, etc. to get packed. Return all items. No checkouts after you are out-processed with the Base Library.

Keep your receipts!

Be sure to save all your receipts in case you need them for any entitlements.  Recommend using a folder or coupon organizer.

Reimbursable Expenses

Reimbursable expenses may include flights, mileage and tolls to airport or to ship POV, or approved excess baggage fees. Keep receipts! Expenses associated with rental cars or pet travel are not reimbursable. Personally procured move expenses can be claimed with TMO.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

TLA reimburses Airmen for OCONUS government lodging and meals during a PCS. Non-availability statement required if staying off base. TLA is a reimbursed through military pay. How to pay for all the travel? If your family needs financial assistance to help pay for travel expenses before you are reimbursed, check out these options:

Government Travel Card

  • Your Travel Management Hub for DoD Trips Military members and DoD Civilian personnel can book official travel and manage travel expenses.

  • All Airmen on official government travel will be issued a GTC for permissible expenses while on official travel orders. GTCs may not be used while on leave status.
  • Unpaid GTC bills charge a $29 late payment fee after it becomes 60 days delinquent. Unpaid GTC bills can impact an Airman’s personal credit score. Consult the unit’s Agency Program Coordinator for details and to be placed in Mission Critical Status prior to departure.

Base Pay Advance

  • One month base pay can be advanced 30 days prior to departure or 60 days after arrival.
  • Review all options before taking a PCS pay advance. This must be paid back within 12 months. Certain situations require CC signature. Contact the Finance office for more information.

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