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Command Sponsorship

What is Command Sponsorship?

Command Sponsorship applications are accomplished at the losing duty station and are not initiated at the gaining duty station. Without Command Sponsorship, dependents (except local citizens/nationals) are considered tourists who are limited to 90 days in country with little support authorized from the U.S. Air Force.

Being granted Command Sponsorship means that your family members are approved to accompany a DoD member “Outside the Continental U.S.” (OCONUS) for the length of his or her tour. Command Sponsorship of dependents is not guaranteed. DoD members must apply for Command Sponsorship, which includes an Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening of each family member, and then obtain approval from members gaining command in Europe before traveling overseas with family.

What benefits does it provide?

Only Command Sponsored dependents may be authorized:

  • No-Fee Passport
  • Travel: DoD member receives travel allowances and reimbursements for Command Sponsored family
  • Cost of Living Allowance (COLA): DoD member will receive this special allowance at a higher “with dependent” rate
  • Household Goods Shipment: DoD member receives a higher “with dependent” weight allowance for household goods
  • Participation in the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP)
  • Access to facilities such as the U.S. Post Office