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Shipping Household Goods (HHG)

IMPORTANT: Consult with your losing TMO for home basing/follow-on restrictions in regard to shipping your full weight allowance. Full Joint Travel Regulations (JFTR) applies for all ranks when government quarters are not available.  

Official DoD Customer Moving Portal.  This is the official site to accomplish most steps of your PCS.  This website also has a plethora of information from moving tips to installation information.

Plan My Move and Military Installations programs provide helpful tips and moving checklists to facilitate your relocation.


Traffic Management Office

Click HERE to find/contact the nearest TMO.  Enter your zip code.

What are you allowed to bring?

Your PCS orders will tell you if you are authorized to ship your Household Goods (HHG) at the government’s expense. There is a weight limit based on your rank and family status.

Click HERE to check your weight allowance and estimate the weight of your HHG before you start to setup your move. Moving allowances are generally based on the overall weight of your HHG. Any overages on your approved weight will be your financial responsibility, so work hard to make sure you stay within your weight allowance.

Click HERE for scale locator.

Arranging Household Good Shipments

Once you receive your orders, you should begin to plan what items you will take with you and what items you may want to get rid of prior to your move.  You will also want to double-check that you do not have any books, etc. from the base or local library, as you do not want them to get packed.


Start an Inventory List

Valuable Household Goods: If it is not listed specifically on your mover’s inventory form, it does not exist. Before packing day, create an inventory of all valuable household goods listing the item, brand, model and serial number. Ensure the moving company includes your valuable items list on their inventory forms before you sign off on the sheet.

HHG Video & Pictures: State the date in videos or show the date in photos.

Packing Day: Organize valuable items in one area and explain that all of those items must be listed on inventory sheets in order for you to sign off on your paperwork. List any damage done to your home or property during packing before signing paperwork.

TIP: Put all the items that you do not want packed up in a separate bedroom or closet.

Service Member and/or Spouse Pro-Gear

Pro-gear is work-related equipment. It must be completely separated from the rest of your items so that they can be packed, marked and weighed separately. These items are not included in the total weight of household goods.

What is considered pro-gear and how much am I allowed?

Unaccompanied Baggage (UB)

For those moving from an OCONUS location.  This is an air freight shipment. These are the smaller household electronics, kitchen appliances and household goods you’ll want to have just as you move into your new home.

In peak PCS season HHG pick-up/delivery can be delayed.  If you plan to move into your home prior to scheduled delivery, consider the packing the following.

Consider packing:

  • Kitchen:  Dishes, pots/pans, mixing bowls, casserole dish, cutting board, chopping knife, silverware, strainer, wine/beer opener, paper towels, plastic ware, cooking utensils, kitchen towels.
  • Bath: Rugs, towels, washcloths, hand towels, workout towels, toilet paper, plastic shower curtains.
  • Bed: Pillows, sheets, air mattress, mattress cover, rugs, clothes, hangers.
  • Other: Bicycle (a must for getting around easily) and pro gear, and favorite toys/electronics.

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